From Our Family to Yours

This is an old mold to blow glass hearts by hand.

It all started with an idea...

Around 1880...

A painter work table with all the utensils to paint glass ornaments by hand.

About us

A painter who carefully adds detail to a glass ornament ball in Germany.

We are a small family business, located in the small village of Lauscha, in the Thuringian midrange mountains of Germany.

A glass blowers "lamp" and workspace. Here, Udo is blowing a standing glass candleholder.

Starting with blowing the ornaments right through to lovingly decorating and painting them all by hand and to packaging our creations, every step is done in traditional ways right here at our workshop

Our workshop. The glass ornaments you see are almost finished.

Our number one goal is to work with the best materials available and to follow the traditional paths of the craftsmanship from the past to satisfy our customers quality needs.



Today, we like to focus on the traditional art of what our ancestors have taught us and also go new paths, trying to perfect our handmade ornaments.

This is us, Painters and Glassblowers all from Lauscha, Germany.
Lauscha in Germany was the birthplace of handblown and hand painted glass ornaments worldwide.

Lauscha, Germany

A view from above Lauscha, right in the middle of summer.